Architectural Building Glass Film-- our building window film keep up to 80% of solar energy out buildings, resulting in a cooler, more controllable climate.
NEW VISION FILM Factory provide LOW E films, which reduces external solar heat gaining during summer Months and reduces expensive heat lose through the glass in Winter.

---Improv Comfort: Promotes more comfortable temperatures in every season, day and night;
---Smart Savings: A sustainable upgrade that increases year-round energy savings and reduces carbon usage;
---Natural day lighting: Allows high visible light transmission with minimal heat, giving you clear views while preventing hot spots;
---UV protection: Rejects 99% of UV radiation to reduce the risk of skin cancer and fading on furniture and flooring.
---Insulation improvement: Installing NEW VISION Films onto your existing glass can increase your insulation ability by 88%. It's like double-glazed performance at a quarter of the price.

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